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       More of the World's prominent gem ruby and sapphire localities are in Asia than on any other continent.  Rubies from Burma and sapphires from Kashmir set the standards by which stones from other localities are judged.  Below is a neat Burmese octahedral corundum after spinel pseudomorph from the Ed David collection; just obtained through the efforts of Rob Lavinsky (a perfect companion for the Viet Namese octahedron on the Home page).   Contrary to a rumor which may be circulating, it is not an oo aa bird egg.        (9/29/07)  






Viet Nam

   Recent discoveries in Viet Nam show great promise and may make that country an important producer of corundum mineral specimens and gemstones.   
  Pakistan and Afghanistan are hosts to a few important localities; and on the other end of the Himalayas the country of Nepal is known for a handful of incredible, delicate ruby specimens and an occasional sapphire.  China is beginning to produce some also, and it will be interesting to see what is found there as that huge land mass is prospected and developed.