It is legend that the first rubies were discovered by the Viet Cong when they excountered calcite seams while tunnelling under their villages during "The War".  Though there may be some truth to this, the first rubies to hit American shores probably were in syenite (first photo below).  Luc Yen (Yen Bai Province) in the northwestern part of the country was the first and only source for years, but recently more corundums have been found along the mountaimous western spine of the country.  
       These finds are impressive.  It may be that Viet Nam will be the mext Burma in the colored gemstone and gem mineral trade.  
       Below are a few specimens from our collection.  The blue core in the last specimen (two views) heat treats out, I am told.  

Ruby in syenite

"The Flame"

Tabular cystal

Rocket Ship

Red outside

Blue core

       Here are some more fine specimens.  

Flower-like cluster

Beet red crystal

Embedded in calcite

Purplish crystal

Little gem crystals

  Specimens that form in poorer environments can be attrative.  


We don't know what caused this!

  So can specimens with spinel inclusions.  Until recently, these were very rare!