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SPECIMENS  FOR SALE,  Priced $10,000.00  or  more

       For a variety of reasons, we have decided to sell the corundum collection, reversing an effort of almost thirty years.  Over that time, we were able to acquire some of the World's finest corundum specimens:  some historically important, some iconic for the localities they represent, and some just plain outrageous!  We also have a few other minerals, such as the giant emerald below.  By allowing many of our friends and colleagues to enjoy specimens from our collection in their own cabinets, we are happy that it will continue to be enjoyed after God says I have no more Earthly interest in it.  

Pictures are thumbnails - click on images for full resolution photos.   Specimens here are representative of our inventory, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for please email us at wheierman@corunduminium.com and I will try to find it.  If you are interested in a particular specimen, please refer to it using the reference in the left column.

We prefer to do business the good, old-fashioned way; but if paying by check or money order we may require clearance of funds prior to shipment.  We are not set up for credit cards. 

We do combine shipments (or you may pick your stones up) and can sometimes offer reduced prices on multiple orders.  We prefer to ship domestically by U.S. Insured or Registered Mail (for no additional fee on Vault purchases)  International shipments will be arranged with the purchaser on a case by case basis. 


Updates in progress, February 7, 2014



       Karnataka (Mysore) Province has produced some incredibly large and well-formed ruby crystals.  The Subramaniam region is the source of the specimens below.  They first hit Tucson around 1999, and after a couple of years they have almost disappeared.  The local forestry commission has attempted to close the area to all forms of mining, so it is unlikely there will be many new ones.  Check out the Back Room for a few more.(to be posted soon).  
"God's First Model for Adam, which Fortunately He Discarded' is the whimsical name for this comically twinned 17 pound, doubly terminated purplish red ruby.

          $17,500  (On hold)



  BERYL,  var.  EMERALD   [BRAZIL]         


This is my favorite emerald specimen.  The smaller, broken but healed interpenetrant twin is translucent, meaning it is not white or black inside as so many of these huge crystals are.  The larger one is, unfortunately, more opaque and somewhat irregularly colored on the back (second photo; that is why it is the back).  When I first saw it, it was almost totally covered with gneiss; and the little part exposed made me think it was a large tourmaline crystal.   $35,000.00   (On Loan)

       Painite is an exremely rare complex refractory oxide, CaZrBAl9O18 , found in only two localities in Burma.  It was for a time listed in the Guinnes" Book of World Records as the World's rarest gemstone mineral, and good specimens have been described as the "Holy Grail" for collectors.  For more about this rarity, see two seminal Internet articles by George Rossman ( http://minerals.caltech.edu/files/Visible/painite/Index.htm ) and Vincent Pardieu  ( Link didn't work, Google Painite Pardieu ).     
       The four specimens here were found in a skarn at the edge of the Wet Loo ruby mine, just outside the Mogok Stone Tract, and just around the hill from the Kyauk Pya Thart Monastery.  Each is the finest of its genre that I have seen, and the consensus seems to be that the small pocket where conditions were right for the formation of painite has been "mined out" .  If the suite were kept together it is highly unlikely that another of equal quality will ever be put together.  I would consider reasonable offers from anyone wishing to keep them together.

     They are from a suite of specimens bought by a friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur, who memoed them to me for sale in America.  After selling a few of the lesser specimens, I had to have these and negotiated the purchase of the remaining items.  Some will appear on the other pages of the "Earth Treasures" folder.




      I know of only one larger crystal; and it did not appear to be as well terminated as this one is  It may be, all things considered, the finest pure painite (no noticeable ruby attached) specimen in existence.  It weighs about 101 grams (505 carats). It is well-formed and slightly complex, showing both "parallel growth" striations and "herring-bone  twinning".         

$17,500.00  (On loan; On hold)

     This 900 carat specimen may be the finest ruby encrusted painite  in existence.  It is a twinned crystal showing parallel growth (they habitually form as a series of hair-like rods) and extensive gem ruby attachments.    It does have a slight repair.  The small triangular portion visible on the bottom left in the last photo came off, probably as a result of acid treatment before I got it) and it has been reattached.

                   $22,500.00  (On hold)

     This 2,500 ruby encrusted cluster of painite specimens is also partially altered to ruby (last photo). 

                $22,500   (On hold)



    This is the strangest one I have seen.  It appears to be a ruby corundum pseudomorph after painite, but it may have a painite core.  Note also the druze of gemmy ruby crystals!   It is also quite large, weighing about 178 grams (890 carats).        $12,500.00  (On hold)