In order to become the best possible resources,  the corundum collection and library are always seeking new materials for study or acquisition.  Please email us at  collector@corunduminium.com if you think you have anything at all we might like to see.  
Especially, if you see a website that you think would be a good link, please let me know!
At present, we are emphasizing four activities:  
       1:  Carolinas and Georgia:  Seeking contacts.  
                  Historical research in local libraries and through conversation;
                  Looking for corundum sites and representative material, mapping and rockhounding;
                  Looking at  private and museum collections; and
                  Specimen acquisition, photographic images.
       2:  Himalayan Corundum Deposits:  New Discoveries
             We are collaborating in research and publication of the latest information about the corundum deposits in the Himalayas and neighboring mountains; from Afghanistan to Nepal.  New discoveries in the Taplejung District of Nepal and in the vicinity of the classic Kashmir sapphire deposits show interesting potential; and of particular interest is anything whatsoever about corundum deposits geographically between these localities.. 
      3:  Specimen acquisitions:    Greenland,  Scotland,  Northeastern U.S.,  Georgia (U.S.), et al.
                                                       Also:  Technical, historical articles,  site descriptions, photos, ...
      4: Montana:  
                               Historical and Geological Information related to corundum deposits and mining
                               Specimens (especially from "minor" localities)
                               Rockhounding, photography, and mapping
                          [For paper to appear on website]
[We are willing to accept anything corundumologous at any time!]

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