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In more than twenty years of collecting, I have come to know many individuals and organizations whose activities are related to this website.  Here are a few of my favorites.  (Click on name to access website or publication referenced.)  
GENERAL  INFORMATION  (Basic descriptions:  crystal habits, chemistry, nomenclature, etc.)
ACADEMIA    (Universities, Gemological Labs, Museums)
American Museum of Natural History:  World class gem and mineral collection in New York City, active in research (see, for example,  article on origin of Burmese rubies).
Gemological Institute of America (GIA):  Gemological Research and Education, Publisher of  "Gems and Gemology Magazine", site of major gemstone collection and Exhibitions at Headquarters in Carlsbad, California.
LOCALITIES   (Websites whose principal relevance is description of localities)
1: Kashmir  [Click here: If you are interested in the legendary "Kashmir sapphire", you have to see this website!  It has everything from the scenery to the chance to buy very fine gemstones and jewelry pieces.
COLLECTORS  (Websites with corundum photos or information)
DEALERS  (Sellers and swappers of corundum)
Pala International [The Collector]   [ Click here: ]    Finer corundum specimens (esp. Burma, Russia); loose cut stones.  Bill has made substantial donations to the collection: specimens, obsolete (antique) maps, etc.
Superb Minerals India  (K. C. Pandey):  Dealer in Indian Minerals, source of many of the large Karnataka ruby crystals in collection.   Collector, set up "Gargoti" Museum (see his website).
PAPERS  (Suggested reference:  history, science, images, etc.   -   specific to corundum)

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