The GALLERY is devoted to images of specimens, localities, activities, personalities, and anything else related to corundum.  This page is a site for group shots and a storage bin of images not yet relocated to other pages where they will be more or less arranged geographically. Click on the button [Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Other] at the bottom of this page to open the appropriate GALLERY page.  Then, click on thumbnail to reveal full resolution photograph.
  Ruby druses are rare, but this one from Spider Mountain, Mogok Stone Tract, Burma is superb (ex coll. Bill Larson).
  Gem ruby crystal from the Dat Taw Mine, Mogok Stone Tract, Burma, showing wavy lines which often characterize Burmese corundum.
  Gem complex, multiply terminated and multicolored crystal from the Dat Taw Mine, Mogok, Burma.
  Gem lilac crystal from the Dattaw Mine, Mogok, Burma
  This Mogok, Burma specimen is called "Ruby corundum after caterpillar on piece of 100,000,000 year old bread".  The crystal is about 1-1/4 inches  (3+ cm)  long.  Slightly altered, it is the subject of Funny Caption Contest #4.
  Unique pyramidal point of gem corundum resembling smoky quartz in body color, covered with a white druse of as yet undetermined composition (probably corundum or spinel); from Baw Mar, Burma.
  Christmas Rock!   Ruby in green fuchsite mica, from the John Saul Mine, Mangari-Voi, Kenya.
  Terminations of ruby clusters like this one from Morogoro, Tanzania are often faceted into mellee, but this one escaped.
  Large, semitranslucent pale blue prismatic crystal from the classic Steinkopf, Namaqualand (South Africa) locality.  Note one end shows significant layering.
  Twinned crystals of Madagascan star sapphire corundum, showing gem zone in upper left.
Another of the large, Karnataka (Mysore), India doubly terminated rubies.  This one shows unusual twinning and layering close to the "pinched" termination on the top of the picture.


  Suite of small twins, clusters, and single crystals; from Karnataka (Mysore) Province, India.  The two on the right are actually (wafer) offset hexagonal prisms (but two lateral faces are so narrow that the outlines actually resemble parallelograms)!
  Terminations of 8 pound crystal, purplish ruby corundum from Tamil Nadu Province, India (see star cabochon, next photo).  This remarkable specimen may have survived because it was too big for the cabbers' saws!  (Also, this one does not show asterism.)
  Purplish star ruby cabochon from Tamil Nadu Province, India
  Small but nice gem interpenetrant twin from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.
  Rare gem "Sri Lanka Ruby" - note rich purplish lilac color!
  Broken and recemented ruby in calcite, from Viet Nam.  Note regular spacing of the zones of different colors!


  Detail of termination of 4" long barrel-shaped grey corundum crystal from Shimersville, Pennsylvania.  Another view of this crystal appears on the "Americas" page.
Sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana.  This high resolution photograph came out so nicely that  I had to stick it somewhere...makes great wallpaper!
American corundum.  Banner photo is a detail from this high resolution JPG.  The rubies are from Caler Creek, Cowee Valley, North Carolina.  The "cornflower" blue sapphires, also the subject of the photo just above, are form Yogo Gulch, Montana.  The other sapphires are from several other Montana localities, including Gem Mountain (Rock Creek),  Dry Cottonwood Creek, Pole Creek, and the Missouri River bars near Helena.

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