Integrals of Products are Products of Integrals deals with the classical student error of integrating products by multiplying antiderivatives of its factors (a source of anguish to any calculus instructor)!  It turns out there is a curious existence theorem that can be made to sound like this, and in fact there are constructive methods that produce numerous examples whose verification is an interesting and challenging excursion through the "legitimate" methods of the subject.  This talk has been presented at regional meetings of the MAA and TexMATYC.    
       The eight page manuscript was a handout at the TexMATYC presentation.  The pages were scanned and thumbnailed.  Clicking on them results in high resolution images, but on my computer they are "too large" and I don't know enough to reformat them so they are legibly readable and printable.  If I can solve the problem, we will reformat accordingly.  

       Future plans for this page  include interesting or difficult integrals, such as the "beta" integral, those involving exotic substitutions.