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  Hyperlinks:  Starting with the Home page, pages are hyperlinked from general to specific with each page eventually linked back to the Home page.  Since the Home page has a tree of all pages, it is possible to go from any page to any other with only two clicks.  On each page, there will be a brief of the sub-pages it is hyperlinked to, such as the one below.  If a hyperlink does not work, it probably has not yet been established or the destination page has not yet been created   How many times do I have to say this is a work in progress??       
        The Introduction is an adaptation of a slide-illustrated presentation entitled "Corundum - A Visual Experience", occasionally given before gem and mineral clubs  It is a good way to see what our website is about and to prepare for the more specialized articles if you are not already familiar with the mineral.  
        The  Gallery shows some of our favorite images which may or may not be found elsewhere on the website.  It is a good place to go after reading the Introduction (wait for hyperlink)  
        What's New introduces new items for us, and any significant modifications to the website.    
      Commentary is devoted to philosophical and ethical remarks.  Some are the results of queries from our viewers. 
        Go to the Humor page whenever you are bored with the rest of the website.  There are mineralogical jokes, funny pictures, and occasional contests for corundum prizes.  
       Blogs is devoted to anything other than the corundum project I want to add to the website.  At present, it has an article about our gold mining ventures in Montana.  The hyperlink has been removed (to hide it from the claim jumpers), so to get in enter URL   http://www.corunduminium.com/BLOGS.htm .    (11/14/2012)  
Banner star and "Coming Soon" Icon:

The stars of these shots were my mated pair of pet hyacinthine macaws, Nuuanu (full name Nuuanu Polly) and Woodstock, several years ago.  The bipyramidal ruby crystal in Woodstocks 5' long beak (in the banner image) is a paste-up job, but the eggs are not.  Though Woodstock is only bragging in the second picture (the eggs were clear), both birds subsequently went into a breeding program and I understand both have done their share to preserve this most rare and beautiful species.   "Coming soon" means I have been too lazy to take or publish the photo intended for the spot.