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SPECIMENS   FOR  SALE   (Latest entry March 8, 2014)

       After numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable home for the corundum collection after God says I have no more Earthly interest in it, it became clear that its best fate would be allow it to be shared with my friends and colleagues and other collectors around the World who would like to have these specimens in their own cabinets.      

     Please let me know at wheierman@corunduminium.com if you see any specimens on our website you would like to have.  I will return email you and let you know if they are still available,  and if so the negotiations can begin.  Eventually, everything will be priced, but as there are approximately 4,000 specimens and lots it will take a while; and it is doubtful that I can ever get all of them on these "Earth Treasures" pages. 

       Specimens for sale will be organized according to price ("Shelf" specimens are up to $99.00,  "Showcase" specimens ill be from $100.00 to $999.99, "Back Room" specimens are from $1,000 to $9,999, and "Vault" specimens are $10,000.00 and above).  Please refer to the specimen number given at the beginning of each description whenver inquiring about it.

The "Back Room" page is not yet on the website, but it should be in a few days if I can figure out why the hyperlink is not working.

       As a collector for nearly thirty years, I met many wonderful people (miners, collectors, dealers) with rocks for sale.  I asked one of them, who lives in Pakistan, if he would want us to represent him in America.  What followed was a great consignment deal, and the seeds for "Earth Treasures" were sown!  
       Wondering if there would be enough stones to make a business, I asked several other foreign colleagues the same question.  To my surprise, our problem would not inventory - it would be manpower - cataloguing and publishing specimens, manning show booths, and communicating with collectors who would love to own the rocks!   
       Though this is not a new way of doing the mineral business, it may be unusual as it does not make as much as one which ties up its capital by buying for resale.  Fortunately, it has not been my main job (I teach Math at Wharton County Junior College near Houston, Texas, until May, 2015 when I will retire).  I had no visions of getting rich (see day job), but did hope to make enough money to maintain this website, continue the research, and refine the collections whil helping others acquire some of the Earth's great treasures for their own! collections.  
       That philosophy changed in February, 2014, when the decision to sell was made.   Lacking a working partner, it is unlikely the previously planned formal "Earth Treasures" dealership will happen.  I will offer specimens through private communications and this website, but in the foreseeable future will probably not set up at shows.  When I retire, I will see what is left and if there is enough the plan is to go to Tucson and complete the project in a blaze of glory in February, 2016 or 2017.   
        Our offerings will feature some interesting lapidary materials or fossils in addition to corundums from around the World.  It's a work in progress (and we will update the offerings frequently), so c'mon in and take a look.  I will be posting additional items as time allows.  Ask if you do not see what you want, because we may have it or be able to get it for you.  
        Because this is a privately held collection, we are not set up to take credit cards, but we will take checks payable in U.S. dollars.  I prefer to do business the good, old-fashioned way; but if paying by check I reserve the option to require clearance of the funds before releasing the specimens.   
     Again, please contact me by email at wheierman@corunduminium.com  if there is any way we can be of assistance.  Good luck hunting!!