Chunky Gal Mountain in North Carolina is known for specimens with for blebs of red ruby in a green amphibole locally called smaragdite,  Recently, blue, yellow, and white corundum have also been found in the same host rock.  An old specimen (probably collected around the 1960's) also shows seams of two white minerals which we have yet to identify.  
      Euhedral crystals are rare, but one appears on the left (obtained from Bill Larson).  The strange vein of ruby (second left) was found and donated by Todd Griswold in 2014. 

   In March, 2008, I was in a rock shop, and noticed a neat plate about 11" by 13".  It's on the right.  I was most amazed by the two white bands, which have not yet been identified.  The amount of ruby in the detail (far right) is also unusual.