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      Perhaps the greatest concentration of corundum localities in Canada is in Ontario Province, but others may be found throughout the country.  Interesting ruby specimens have been found on Greenland, and more recently gem blue sapphires from Baffin Island began to appear on the market.  We devote separate pages to these regions, and look at some others below.  The Blu Starr Mine in Slocan Valley, Alberta Province, has recently been explored for industrial grade corundum and zircon.   


       The "Canadian Rockhound", published from 1997 to 2005, was a small but impressive "e-zine" for the benefit of the people its title describes.  When the editor retired, it ceased publication.  We were privileged to contribute several articles to its final issue, devoted to Canadian and United States corundum.   
       Fortunately, the magazine has been archived.  Here is a link to the index of all issues:  http://epe.lac-bac.gc.ca/100/202/300/cdn_rockhound/index.html  Once in, click "continue to the document"   Take the time to look and enjoy a charming bit of mineralogical lore and history.  
CanadaIn Canada, Ontario in particular is the home to many interesting sub-gem corundum localities.  These specimens are (L to R) are:  bronze corundum (sawn face) from the Craigmont Mine, Burgess County; black corundum from the Robertson-Cooney Farm, Bancroft;
elongated bipyramid with smaller blue corundum crystals from the Gutz Farm, Rosenthal, and an old salmon/green crystal from the Burgess Mine in Carlow.
Here are two unusual Ontario specimens. The Bancroft specimen on the left is a classic (ex coll. D'Agostino), and the main crystal is 3-5/8" long .  The huge (2" by 3-1/2" by 4-1/4" long) bluish green Rosenthal sapphire crystal in matrix on the right was apparently found in 2002.  The last two photos show details of the crystallization.

Blu Starr Mine - images to come.


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